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Установка охранной сигнализации Май 8th, 2012 ksenia На протяжении долгих лет системы охранной сигнализации использовались не только на предприятиях и организациях закрытого типа, но и в частных зданиях. Основная задача системы охранной сигнализации ... Читать далее » Опубликовано в рубрике Безопасность Комментариев нет »

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Looking to frag some terrorists? Look no further! We asked thousands of Counter-Strike players and some of the world`s top teams to help us design the Ultimate Counter-Strike keyset! The results are in, the plastic has been poured and you`ll want to check out the 12 labeled quick radio keys, WASD directional keys like you`re used to, an Xfire communication button, a GGL tournament button, and the killer 20 button buy zone. Its time for a Counter-Strike reload! 12 quick radio buttons to simplify in game communications     Easy to reach buy menu keys for weapons and equipment purchases     Dedicated GGL button for quick access to competitive tournament play   Dedicated Xfire "In-game" button   Compatible with Counter-Strike™, Counter-Strike™: Condition Zero™ and Counter-Strike™: Source™   Requires Zboard Gaming Keyboard (Sold Separately)...

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